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Staying up-to-date and current is a vital part of our practice as healthcare workers. But, having to jump from site to site may get overwhelming and is very time consuming. Well look no further! AK Virtual Healthfair will be providing a "one stop shop" with credible & pertinent links and articles on new or updated material regarding healthcare. Please take a look and we hope this has helped you and expanded your knowledge on how we can better take care our people of Alaska.


As the pandemic continues to impact our healthcare, every resource that we can have at our disposal counts. As we are in National Immunization Awareness and Medication Management Month, ensuring our patients receive disease preventable resources and our support are vital. Take a look below for resources provided by NIH on how we can strengthen patient provider relationships.


As the pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives, we are all reaching the point of becoming burnt out. With all of what is going on our bodies physically and mentally take a beating with little to no time to recover. It is also vital for us to be taking care of ourselves so that we are at our best to take care of others. Here are a couple of mindfulness videos that may help you to be able to take a couple of moments and recollect your self and your mind so that you can keep pushing forward.



Physicians Brochure - May 2021.pdf

Cologuard Physician Brochure from Exact Sciences

Medicaid Update Letter August 2021.pdf

Exact Sciences Medicaid letter updated for CRC Cologuard

Wondering what exactly comes in one of these Cologuard kits? Well, look no further because provided to the right you will find what components come in a collection kit.

components 1.pdf
components 2.pdf



DHSS and Alaska's COVID-19 Task Force Team has provided a great platform to stay up to date on current cases, changes on therapeutics and immunizations, and current vaccination total for the state. Click on picture above to be directed to the states COVID-19 Dashboard and see what it has to offer.

Are you looking for areas in Alaska where certain therapeutics are available? Well, let us help you. Click on the picture above and it will direct you to a site that will let you know what is available and where the medication you are looking for is located.

Vaccination has been on the top of all healthcare professions' mind, and with so much information on a constant change it is vital to stay up to date. The PDF located to the right has information from the CDC for interim clinical considerations for COVID-19 vaccines and the booster dose. Also, the link below will direct you to the CDC for more information on what is going on with current recommendations.

Vaccines & Immunizations COVID-19 Vaccines

CDC's summary-interim-clinical-considerations (8.09.21).pdf

Pfizer's Current and Potential Formulations for the new adult and pediatric doses. Below you can also find more Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen COVID-19 vaccine information on handling and storage.



Wondering what you would need to do for Advanced Care Planning due to a serious illness? Take a look at AKPOLST (Alaska Physician Orders For Life-Sustaining Treatment) to find out more about POLST and what it offers for people with advanced, chronic, or end-stage illnesses.

AK POLST pg1.pdf

AK POLST pg2.pdf

Mountain Pacific has partnered with the University of Wyoming and graciously provided online education modules. Learn new information and practices that will keep you up to date and and help you to incorporate into your clinical practice. You can also receive CE credits, how awesome is that!! Click on the UW picture to the left and it will take you to online trainings/presentations on Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).

To see more of what Mountain Pacific has to offer click on this link below