diabetes awareness

We are about to enter into a month where holidays, family time, and delicious foods and desserts are going to be a part of that celebration. This time of the year is looked forward to by many but this is also a time when control over our health could be diminished. It is very important that we have the ability to create that balance of enjoyment and monitoring. The YMCA has provided great information below on prevention, monitoring, and resources for anyone out there. Please take a look below and more up-coming information in the weeks to come. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

diabetes resources

EBHI Multi Flyer.pdf

dont know where to start?

Well, here is a perfect place to start. The American Diabetes Association has many resources available to you to learn more about this disease of progression. Below you will find information on where to begin your learning journey. Click on the pictures below to start your journey to learn more for yourself or a loved one. Healthcare professionals turn to the ADA for guidance on therapeutic treatments as well as anything new that may upcoming.

diabetes overview

Begin here with understanding what Diabetes is and the difference between being a Type 1 vs Type 2 diabetic.

healthy eating

Knowing what you can eat and what to stay away from is a very powerful tool too have if you are a diabetic. Take a look at some recipes and tips and tricks to help maintain a good glucose level.


Whether you have diabetes or not, exercising and being active is very important. Not only does it get rid of sugars by turning it into energy, it also increases the longevity of our life.