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While we take care of our loved ones, it's also important to take care of ourself. But, how do we do that? Well, here the American Heart Association and many others have provided information that may help in taking care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Are you making every bite count?? Take the US Department of Agriculture MyPlate quiz to find out. At the end of the quiz, personalized resources will be available to you. Click on the MyPlate picture to the left and find out your nutritional status.

12 holiday health podcast

Driving or tired of reading? Well, do we have a treat for you! The CDC has provided this podcast that talks about health and safety tips this holiday season. Click on the picture to the right to listen to a very informative 4-minute audio.

This time of year, we dig out our special recipe tins or books and look for the perfect recipe for family and friends to enjoy. Well, here is one more recipe that can help you stay on track towards healthy eating for the holidays. Another CDC special provided for you above to ensure that temptations will not get you. Click on the picture to the left for 5 Special Holiday Tips.

CDC Traditional Foods

The Center for Disease Control have put together a collection of traditional food stories in regards to Native America. This two-part series have ample amounts of information and stories talking about American Indians and Alaska Native communities tradition of farming and sustaining life off of the land. Click on either series, although I do recommend both, and immerse yourself in the power of good traditional foods.

CDC part-i---traditional-foods-in-native-america-april-21.pdf

Part 1 of CDC- Traditional Foods

CDC part ii Good Food is Power partnered with cdc and dept of health and human services (Great Plains.pdf

Part 2 of CDC- Traditional Foods

Traditional_Foods_Poster for donating food.pdf


Do you have stocks full of fresh caught Alaskan meats and fish? Don't know what to do with it? Well, take a look at this and find out how and what you can donate to food service programs around the state.



Looking for some ideas on what you could be out on the look for while on your next hike? Melissa Chulpach, Regional Healthcare Dietitian with NANA Management Services will take you on an educational journey on indigenous foods right here in Alaska. Make sure to read the whole article to find some tips and tricks with recipes for a delicious treat!

New Aii Partnership Course Series is offering a 6-week series of courses on Native Food For Life online. These series include cooking demonstrations, new understanding of foods and diabetes, tips for starting a plant based diet, support and Q&A with health experts and much much more. For more information click on the picture above for a short video and when you are ready, register with the register link below

IHS Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention the store outside your door.pdf


IHS Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention have provided us with education on their eating healthy program, Store Outside Your Door. Take a look at this article as it talks about challenges that we are faced with eating and staying healthy and much much more!

Do you currently live in Sitka, AK or are planning to visit a loved one? Sitka local foods is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the amount of locally produced and harvested food in the diets of Southeast Alaska. Click on the above picture and venture through their many resources.

Worried about how much of each food group to consume? Take a look here at see some local foods and how much to enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by and please look out for more resources & information added each month!