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Let's beat Cancer

GCI and Alaska Airlines have teamed up to donate one million Alaska Airlines miles (500,000 each) to the American Cancer Society Alaska each year for the next three years to help us support Alaskan cancer patients requiring air travel to and/or from treatment anywhere Alaska Airlines flies. The miles are ready to be used! The flight program booking protocols are the same as before: requests can be made by calling 1-800-277-2345 with 4 business days advance notice; limit of 6 one-way intrastate and 2 one-way interstate flights per patient per year. Below you can also find more learning opportunities through webinars online. Please take a look at these webinars and click on a topic for more information on how to attend.


First off, we would like to thank all of our healthcare workers a special thank you for being on the front lines in handling and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. But, with that said, another culprit is on the rise that may complicate things just a bit more. Influenza is another type of respiratory virus that presents itself around this time of the year. One thing that we can do ourselves is to obtain a vaccine that can help prevent and protect us against this illness. Here is information that can give you more insight on prevention, treatment and signs and symptoms that differs COVID-19 from flu.

When is the flu season?

Click on the link above and you will be taken to the CDC's website which provides us some in-depth information.

Influenza Key Facts..

CDC has provided us with some key facts to help stay ahead and educated on what the flu looks like.

Wondering if you are suffering from allergies, but not quite sure? Don't know too much about the season and want to know more? Thanks to Healthy Living for Life, all of that information and more is provided for you in this video. Take a look and see what this video has to offer and watch Dr. David Kluge, ENT/Allergist at Great Falls Clinic, explain how to fight seasonal allergies. After that, head on over to our Operation OTC page for more information on possible suggested products that could benefit you.

Allergies bothering you? Don't know what would be best to use, then take a look at this allergy video where we may have the solution for you. After that, head on over to our Operation OTC page for more information on possible suggested products that could benefit you.


Did you miss our activities highlight events? Well, no worries as you can find all previous highlights in this area specific to past activities that has been on the home page. All materials can be found here in our previous highlight and resources area. Don't see something you are looking for? Let us know and we will be more than happy to assist in any way we can. Thank you, Alaska, and continue to stay active, healthy and safe!

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Are you interested with meeting with your provider over the internet or have a visit scheduled and not sure what to do? Well look no further as we have provided you with some tips to ensure that you are prepared. Thank you to Laura Keller, from the American Diabetes Association-Alaska, for providing multiple forms of information for our education!

preparing for your virtual visit (canva).pdf

Unsure of what to do to get ready for your virtual visit, we got you covered! Here's some tips to get yourself prepared prior to meeting with your doctor.

Telehealth Patient Toolkit.pdf

Take a look at this pdf for an inside look on what to know for your family and what telehealth entails.

What to expect from a telehealth visit video

Above is a very informative video provided from the Pacific Basin Telehealth resource center explaining a bit more on telehealth visits with your doctor. Being prepared for your visit helps you to get the most out of your visit.